Earlier this year, the Bilma PUD Board approved the replacement of all water meters in the District with new electronic smart water meters. Smart meters will allow customers to monitor their daily water consumption through the Eye On Water website and mobile app. These resources may help customers detect water leaks and will educate customers on how much water they actually use for irrigation and other activities such as filling your swimming pool.

The District’s Operator began replacing meters in July 2023. Replacement of all meters in the District should be complete by the end of 2023.

What to expect?

  • Customers should receive a door tag shortly before their meter is replaced. At this time, there are no further steps customers need to take for the physical replacement of their meter.

How do I use the Eye on Water App?

  • Once all meters in the District are replaced, the District will provide instructions on how to create an Eye On Water account which will be linked directly to your water account. The Eye On Water website/mobile app has features that allow customers to view their daily water usage and set up automated leak detection alerts.

To learn more about Eye On Water’s features, please watch the video below:

Customers are encouraged to sign up for mobile alerts from the District here to receive the most up to date information on the smart water meters and other District news!