Dear District Resident,

The Bilma Public Utility District (“District”) Board of Directors (“Board”) would like to provide an update on construction along the District’s hike and bike trails.
In June 2021, the Harris County Flood Control District (“HCFCD”) began a Major Maintenance project of the Spring Gully Tributary which runs parallel with the District’s hike and bike trails. The HCFCD, not the District nor Spring Creek Oaks Community Improvement Association, owns the property along the hike and bike trails and the District has an agreement with HCFCD to maintain and repair the hike and bike trails. Since June, there has been a heavy presence of construction crews and equipment in the area and the trails have been closed to the public. The HCFCD’s project, in the vicinity of the District’s maintained hike and bike trails, is scheduled to be complete by the end of October 2021, pending any potential weather delays.

The District has already facilitated temporary repairs to the asphalt paving on the portion of the hike and bike trail that is west of the Spring Gully Tributary and north of T.C. Jester Boulevard (the trail that is across the creek from Kuehnle Elementary). There are still minor repairs to be made to the west side of the trails and thus, this portion of the trail remains closed. The District anticipates the west side of the hike and bike trail will be safe to fully open to the public by October 1. Until then, the District asks that the public refrain from accessing the west side of the hike and bike trail.

The Board has decided to replace the entire east side of the hike and bike trail, the portion that runs closest to Kuehnle Elementary, with concrete which is a more durable and cost-effective material. The design, bidding and construction of this project is estimated to take approximately 8 months, pending any weather delays. For the safety of everyone, the east side of the trail remains officially closed to public access until construction is complete in 2022.

The Board understands how vital the east side of the hike and bike trail is for students walking to and from Kuehnle Elementary. Because this portion will be inaccessible for the better part of the 2021-2022 school year, the District will construct a sidewalk along Winding Ridge Drive to connect the soccer fields to Kuehnle Elementary. Construction of the sidewalk should be complete by early October, pending any weather delays.

The Board thanks the community for their patience during HCFCD’s maintenance project and as the District begins to repair and replace the hike and bike trails. Please feel free to contact the Board or attend a monthly meeting if you have any questions.

Bilma PUD Board of Directors